Should You Take Zinc for Your Macular Degeneration?

Some people with macular degeneration take a vitamin supplement like zinc to help protect against vision loss. But is that the best choice? Research shows a mix of specific vitamins and minerals that can be safer and more effective.

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Doing Yardwork? Watch Your Eyes! (Video)

Now that warmer weather is here, so is your yardwork. Working safely in our yards requires that we look out for our eyes. That means protecting them from home-grown hazards. Ophthalmologist Rishi Singh, MD, says some yardwork can be dangerous to our eyes, particularly from flying objects. “People can get injured from a stick that … Read More

Can Aspirin Damage Eye Health?

A new study has found that people who regularly use aspirin may be at increased risk of age-related macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in older people, occurring when the small central portion of the retina is damaged. But don’t toss out the popular pain relievers just yet. Doctors sometimes recommend a daily … Read More

Can You Inherit Eye Diseases?

When it comes to eye disease, your family matters. In fact, genetics play a role in several different eye diseases and conditions. For infants and children, genetics are often to blame for congenital cataracts, congenital glaucoma and eye malformations, among other conditions. For adults, both glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration are likely inherited in most … Read More

Baby Boomers: You Can Preserve Your Sight

Most of us get our eyes checked routinely — especially if we need a prescription for glasses or contacts. But there’s a more important reason to get annual examinations after age 65: the changes that occur with age. Even if our vision seems fine, certain age-related eye conditions develop very slowly, notes Cleveland Clinic Cole … Read More

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