How Your Genes Affect Your Reaction to Drugs

Your doctor prescribes a medication. If you have a high risk of negative side effects, do you ask for something else instead? If you know the drug won’t work well for you, do you request more options? These questions aren’t just hypothetical. They’re at the heart of pharmacogenomics. Pharmacogenomics is the study of how your … Read More

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How My Oldest Patients Are Also My Teachers

It is with a good deal of trepidation that I start any new medication in my patients who are very old, for fear of disrupting the myriad forces of genetics and environment that have allowed them to live so long. Such was the case for the 90-year-old patient sitting in front of me, who had … Read More

8 Ways You Can Travel Like an Expert With Arthritis

Your bags are packed. Your flights are booked. Your itinerary is full of sights to see. But are you prepared to deal with your arthritis away from home? Nobody wants to feel limited, and for people with arthritis, planning ahead is especially important. I give the following advice to my patients before they head out … Read More

Can Medication Help With Your Child’s Autism?

Contributor: Thomas Frazier, II, PhD  “I’m at my wit’s end.” Many parents of children with autism have uttered these words when faced with challenging symptoms. Some children are prone to self-injury — or even aggression toward others. Some children are likely to wander off, so parents have to watch them 24-7. Still others suffer from … Read More

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A Pill Box — of Chocolates

No, they aren’t usually sweet. But medications are certainly carefully made, like a box of fine chocolates. To keep their potency and integrity, it’s important to store them with the same care as a box of Belgian truffles — especially when it comes to heat. Read the full story: Treat Your Medicines Like Chocolate

How to Talk to a Doctor

Miscommunication about healthcare is epidemic. Nine out of 10 people don’t fully understand or remember what to do after a doctor visit. More than 40 percent of people don’t fully understand or remember how to take medication or care for themselves after they leave the hospital. The consequences can be devastating. Thousands of Americans are … Read More