Yes, Postpartum Depression in Men Is Very Real

While we typically associate postpartum depression with women, new fathers can experience serious mood changes after bringing baby home, too. Here’s why and what to do if you’re experiencing paternal postpartum depression.

8 Fascinating Things to Know about Factitious Disorder

From tampering with test results, to lying and causing physical harm to themselves or the person they’re caring for – nothing is off-limits when it comes to factitious disorder. But what causes it? And why would someone ever want to be sick? A psychiatric social worker helps piece together the facts of this disorder.

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Is Taking a Mental Health Day Actually Good for You?

Work. Deadlines. Traffic. Being the perfect spouse or parent. Burnout and declining mental health is all around us. The good news here? The idea of preventing burnout through a “mental health day” has become part of the conversation and people are starting to take note. But does it actually work? A clinical health psychologist weighs in.

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