3 Ways You Can Refocus to Stay on Track at Work

The ability to maintain control of attention over time, known as sustained attention, is vital for many tasks performed every day. You can take action when you realize you need to refocus. Here are three expert strategies to staying on task.

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You Can Lose Weight and Keep It Off With Mindful Eating

The best thing about mindful eating is that you are not chained to impossible diet rules or bland menus, says Susan Albers, PsyD. She says mindful eating is about balancing how you eat with what you eat. “We have lots of mindless eating habits that lead to weight gain, such as mindlessly popping chips in your … Read More

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New Research Works to Unlock Mystery of Huntington’s Disease

There are few diseases as devastating as Huntington’s disease (HD) – a progressive condition that can cause uncontrollable movement, emotional disturbances and cognitive problems. We know this mysterious condition is encoded in people’s genes, but researchers have yet to unlock exactly how to stop or slow its progression. However, new research offers insight about the … Read More