New Research Works to Unlock Mystery of Huntington’s Disease

There are few diseases as devastating as Huntington’s disease (HD) – a progressive condition that can cause uncontrollable movement, emotional disturbances and cognitive problems. We know this mysterious condition is encoded in people’s genes, but researchers have yet to unlock exactly how to stop or slow its progression. However, new research offers insight about the … Read More

Have You Ever Been Sleep Drunk? New Study Finds It’s Quite Common

If you’ve ever been so startled by your alarm clock that you reach for the phone instead of the snooze, you’re in good company. A new study finds as many as one in seven people may suffer from a disorder called “sleep drunkenness.” It’s described as that feeling of confusion or amnesia we sometimes experience … Read More

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Don’t Live Your Life Focused on Disease

For a person with a complex, chronic illness, too much healthcare can be as dangerous as too little. It’s easy to become overly dependent on medical interventions, on drugs and treatments that while useful, are not enough in themselves to help a person achieve real health.

How to Talk to Your Kids About Tragedy

Violence, including shootings, terrorism or natural disasters, can overwhelm any of us — and can be especially troubling for kids. Children struggle, as we do, to make sense of it all. Talking to your kids about tragedies can be difficult, but it’s important. Children have limited life experience, and talking to them can help them … Read More

Reducing the Stigma Around Depression, OCD and Anxiety

Growing up, sisters Patrice Catan-Alberty and Sharon Kilbane remember their mother coping with depression. That’s one reason the sisters and their families have made a major gift to Cleveland Clinic supporting mental-health research and the work of Donald Malone, MD, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Psychiatry and Psychology. Sharing a similar mental-health challenge Both … Read More

How You Can Deal With Depression

Depression comes in as many shapes and sizes as the people it affects. If you have the symptoms of depression (see box below if you are uncertain), there are ways to take control of your own mental health. Psychologist Michael McKee, PhD, and psychiatrist Donald Malone, MD, offer the following advice to get you started. … Read More

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