5 Myths About Massage Therapy

How long have people been enjoying massages? Try centuries! Evidence can be found in Egyptian tombs and ancient Chinese medical texts. Today’s massage therapists manipulate tissue to achieve deep relaxation and to promote healing. Applying skillful touch and pressure, they help treat injuries and health problems. Massage therapy can also prevent injury and enhance wellness. … Read More

Tension Headaches: Who’s at Risk and What to Do

Nearly 200 million Americans are affected by tension headaches, the most common type of headache in adults. Women are slightly more likely than men to experience them. Many patients diagnosed with tension headaches actually have migraine. Migraine is three times as prevalent in women compared to men. “Tension-type headache is considered featureless, meaning it lacks … Read More

Migraines, Cluster Headaches: Remote Control Help? (Video)

Migraines and cluster headaches are not your average headaches. They can lead to debilitating pain (especially cluster headaches), lost work productivity and a poor quality of life. So what if a device the size of an almond could fix them? That’s the goal of a new miniaturized implantable neurostimulator. This tiny device is implanted through … Read More

Headache Q&A: Test Yourself

You probably know someone who suffers from headaches — most of us do. But how well do you understand this common pain condition? Test your knowledge of headaches with our Q&A. Cynthia Bamford, MD, an expert from the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute Center for Pain, provides the answers. Q: What is the most common cause … Read More

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Is Your Child Suffering From Migraines?

Headaches are very common in children and adolescents. An estimated 20 percent of adult headache sufferers say they started before age 10. Dr. A. David Rothner, a pediatric neurologist at Cleveland Clinic, says there are two early warning signs when it comes to kids and the development of migraines. “There are two disorders that are … Read More

Attacking Migraines

From drugs to deep breathing, doctors have an arsenal of weapons to deploy against migraine headaches. While no sure-fire cure exists, most patients respond to treatment, often with a combination of therapies. Some possible headache triggers, such as weather changes, are uncontrollable. Even so, changing what you can control is preferable to taking medication. Assess … Read More