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The Future is Here: Robot-Assisted Heart Surgery (Video)

Surgery to repair your mitral valve, one of the heart’s four valves that keeps blood pumping efficiently, is higher-tech than ever. At Cleveland Clinic, which has the world’s greatest experience with mitral valve repair, robotically assisted surgery is now an option for many patients—and you could be one of them, depending on your surgeon’s assessment … Read More

4 Best Ways to Take Control of Abdominal Adhesions

If you’re facing surgery, you’ve probably wondered about what your scar will look like. But have you stopped to think about those other scars – the ones on the inside? You should. These inner scars – tough tissue bands that form between your abdominal tissues and organs – can develop after surgery. Also known as … Read More

How Modern Imaging Technology Enhances Your Heart Surgery

Today, advances in digital imaging enhance the surgeon’s vision, allowing us to see the heart better than ever before. This new “set of eyes” empowers us to decide on the best treatment plan. We can now successfully perform very complicated procedures that were not possible before. Developing tools of the trade  Centuries ago, scientists could … Read More

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Fixing Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Without Invasive Surgery (Video)

Treating aneurysms throughout the body usually requires open surgery, but now we’re able to use a minimally invasive procedure to repair abdominal aortic aneurysms. These are aneurysms that occur in the part of the aorta that carries blood from the heart into the lower extremities. In traditional open surgery, surgeons go in and repair the aneurysm, or … Read More

You’ve Been Told You Need Heart Surgery (Video)

Maybe you were taken by surprise when your physician said you’d need heart surgery like more than a half million Americans do each year. Like most of my patients, you probably have lots of questions, beginning with “Where?” and “Who?” You owe it to yourself to invest time into planning for your procedure and to … Read More