Colon Surgery Without a Single Cut: TEMS

What surgery is done without any incisions? People hear “surgery” and they think “scalpel” or “scar.” But today, there are surgeries that can be performed without one cut, such as transanal endoscopic microsurgery, or TEMS. This procedure is performed entirely through the anus and rectum and offers an effective, quick-recovery treatment to completely remove large … Read More

Preventing Limb Loss Due to Poor Circulation (Video)

Loss of circulation doesn’t always mean the loss of a limb. All of us in the Department of Vascular Surgery want you to be aware of the full range of limb-sparing resources available at the Cleveland Clinic including minimally invasive and traditional surgical techniques.   More Information Learn more about vascular disease Learn about peripheral … Read More

Blocked Aorta May Not Need a Big Operation (Video)

The aorta is a big blood vessel, and a blocked aorta used to mean a big operation. But we want you to know that Cleveland Clinic will aggressively pursue balloon angioplasty and other minimally invasive options in every case – to speed your recovery and get you home sooner. More information Learn more about your … Read More