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Doctors Combine 2 Heart Procedures for Positive Results

The mitral valve in your heart helps to keep your blood moving in the right direction. In some cases, the mitral valve becomes leaky or narrowed and surgery is necessary. Many people in need of mitral valve surgery also have an irregular heartbeat, and a procedure called ablation is often used to correct it. Atrial … Read More

Pilot Heart Health: Keeping You Safe in the Sky

Just as a pilot’s plane needs maintenance for safety, the pilot himself needs regular checkups for his own health—especially when it comes to heart health. With the help of their cardiologists, many pilots can keep their hearts strong and continue to fly. Checking pilots’ health Federal Aviation Administration-authorized aviation medical examiners evaluate pilots and issue … Read More

Exercise Test Forecasts Heart Patients’ Outcome

Cleveland Clinic cardiologists have found that a relatively simple treadmill stress test provides valuable insight about long-term medical outcomes in heart patients with a leaky mitral valve.  Patients with a leaky mitral valve and mitral regurgitation – a common defect where a backwash of blood surges between the heart’s left filling and pumping chambers – … Read More

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