How to Shorten the Wait for Heart Transplant

Heart transplant is the best treatment for people with end-stage heart failure. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough donor hearts to go around. Many patients die waiting for one. But Cleveland Clinic heart transplant specialist Eileen Hsich, MD, has proposed a way to fix the problem.

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Will New Rules Change Your Wait for a Kidney or Lung?

The wait for a donor kidney or lung may get shorter — at least for some on transplant wait lists. That’s because of recent changes to the U.S. transplant system. In December 2014, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)/United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) introduced a new way of matching transplant candidates with donor kidneys. … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Performs Second Face Transplant (Video)

In a 24.5-hour surgery in late September, nine Cleveland Clinic surgeons and multiple specialists performed the hospital’s second face transplant on a middle-aged man who suffered severe facial trauma and other complications from a car accident. The surgery included transplantation of about two-thirds of the scalp, the forehead, upper and lower eyelids, eye sockets, nose, … Read More

Face Transplant: Rebuilding Lives (Infographic)

If your heart or liver fail, an organ transplant can save your life. If your face becomes disfigured, a face transplant can help you eat, speak, see and function on your own in the world. Who might need a face transplant? An injured veteran. An auto accident survivor. A burn victim. Someone born with a … Read More

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Rebuilding Lives After Disfiguring Injuries (Slideshow)

Today’s plastic surgeons do amazing work. But normal reconstructions are impossible when damage is extensive. Astonishing advances in reconstructive transplantation offer hope. These lengthy, intricate procedures use healthy tissues from deceased donors. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”634″ transitions=”default”]   Illustrations by Mark Sabo, Cleveland Clinic Center for Medical Art & Photography

February 14 is National Donor Day, Too

Today across the U.S., more than 117,000 people are waiting for that gift of life from an organ donor. Trauma, bone damage, spinal injuries, burns, hearing impairment and vision loss are all reasons why someone may need an organ, tissue or blood donation at some point in their lives. It could happen to any one … Read More