Does the ‘Selfie’ Put Your Teen at Risk for Lice?

With social media came “selfies,” and they are everywhere. The variously styled self-portraits of one or more people, whose heads rest close together, has introduced an interesting question: Does the “selfie” put teens at increased risk for lice?

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How the 24-Hour Rule Can Help You Be a Good Sports Parent

Whether it’s a win or a loss, youth sporting events can become emotionally charged – and quickly. But if you start a heated argument with the coach, you might wind up destroying the positive aspects of youth sports for everyone, including your child – and earn yourself a not-so stellar reputation on the court, in … Read More

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Is Your Child Ready to Start Kindergarten?

Kindergarten enrollment age is rising, but benefits of academic red-shirting are debatable. Concerns about sports, developmental skills and social maturity factor in, but parents should consider carefully before deciding to delay registration to age 6.