Cancer Patients Can Find Help to Handle the Details

Patient navigators know that patients dealing with cancer can use all the help they can get in making their journeys through treatment easier. Also known as patient liaisons, they help with a variety of nonmedical tasks that patients and their families need while visiting a hospital or medical center for treatments or other appointments. “Each … Read More

The 9 Best Ways to Be a Better Patient

You sit in an exam room and let the doctor lecture you. You don’t take notes. You don’t ask questions. As a result, you leave unsatisfied — and without understanding what comes next. Don’t be that patient. In the past, I’ve talked about the things you should expect from your doctor. But as a patient, … Read More

10 Things You Should Expect From Your Doctor

You just waited two hours for a doctor who’s running late. Once in the office, the doctor zips through a jargon-filled speech, orders a test, writes a prescription and sends you on your way. You leave in a cloud of confusion, realizing that you never even asked a question. Don’t accept this. It’s the worst-case … Read More

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Makeover: ‘Employees’ to ‘Caregivers’

Six years ago, Cleveland Clinic got rid of all its employees. This was no small task. Cleveland Clinic is the second largest private employer in Ohio. We had 40,000 people on our payroll. But as of 2006, we no longer called them “employees.” They became “caregivers,” because each one of them plays a role in patient care.

The Great Consolidation Begins

Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to healthcare we’re finding that it usually is. Doctors, hospitals and medical centers across America are looking for ways to collaborate, consolidate and merge their resources. They’re discovering that high volume medical centers can produce better outcomes for many procedures and more effectively and efficiently provide care across a whole spectrum of services.

Healthcare: A Galaxy of Feelings

Patients come to the hospital at the most vulnerable times in their lives. They’re faced with critical conditions. They’re frightened. They need the full attention of dedicated caregivers.

But disease and injuries are complex. Caregivers need to focus on test results, data, disease processes, logistics and, of course, the patient.

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Your ‘Home’ Team for Your Healthcare (Video)

A patient-centered medical home might sound like a place, or somewhere you’d go. It’s not. It’s a long-term, team-based approach for your primary health care. Pioneering healthcare organizations, including Cleveland Clinic, are already using this approach in internal medicine and family medicine practices. The patient-centered medical home model coordinates care for you — whether you’re … Read More

How to Talk to a Doctor

Miscommunication about healthcare is epidemic. Nine out of 10 people don’t fully understand or remember what to do after a doctor visit. More than 40 percent of people don’t fully understand or remember how to take medication or care for themselves after they leave the hospital. The consequences can be devastating. Thousands of Americans are … Read More