Cancer Patients Can Find Help to Handle the Details

Patient navigators know that patients dealing with cancer can use all the help they can get in making their journeys through treatment easier. Also known as patient liaisons, they help with a variety of nonmedical tasks that patients and their families need while visiting a hospital or medical center for treatments or other appointments. “Each … Read More

New Mom Caution, Patients First and Other News of the Week

Here is this week’s round-up of stories from around the Web featuring Cleveland Clinic experts that we know you won’t want to miss:  Dangerous rise A rise in a new mother’s blood pressure can cause seizures, stroke and even organ shutdown and death. A young mother shares her story of suffering with the life-threatening condition … Read More

5 Ways to Stop Being a Passive Patient

It’s high time for patients to take an active role in their own healthcare. There was a time when many people had long-term relationships with a family doctor – someone who knew them and their families well. But today, that kind of relationship is a thing of the past. Primary care physicians move around, care … Read More

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The 9 Best Ways to Be a Better Patient

You sit in an exam room and let the doctor lecture you. You don’t take notes. You don’t ask questions. As a result, you leave unsatisfied — and without understanding what comes next. Don’t be that patient. In the past, I’ve talked about the things you should expect from your doctor. But as a patient, … Read More

10 Things You Should Expect From Your Doctor

You just waited two hours for a doctor who’s running late. Once in the office, the doctor zips through a jargon-filled speech, orders a test, writes a prescription and sends you on your way. You leave in a cloud of confusion, realizing that you never even asked a question. Don’t accept this. It’s the worst-case … Read More

Medical Lessons From the Vietnam War

Six months after finishing medical school, I was made a captain in the Air Force and sent off to Vietnam. It was 1968 and the war was in full force. Everyone had to do their part.

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