Father Enlists Superhero in Fight Against Cancer

Joe Boyle is battling an aggressive form of kidney cancer with the help of a superhero. When the 40-year-old Bowling Green, Ohio father started treatment, he came up with a unique way to explain his therapy to his three young children in terms they could understand: He enlisted Captain America.  “We tell the kids that … Read More

How Letters Bind Doctors to Their Patients

When I entered the exam room to see my first patient of the day, a doctor from another department at my hospital, I found her sitting in the chair I usually occupy, typing away at the computer on the tiny desk.

One Man’s Journey to a Lobectomy

When Bob Hemstreet was first diagnosed with a nodule on his right lung, panic and fear swept through him as he worried about the pain of surgery. Little did he know that a new minimally invasive thoracic procedure would not only cure his ailment, but also provide him with a swift and relatively pain-free recovery. … Read More

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Skiing Marathons Soon After Surgery

Athlete Jay Wiener gives this firsthand account on recovering from mitral valve repair and his journey to getting back into the race. Two months after having mitral valve repair at Cleveland Clinic, I found myself back in the race. My first test was the American Cross-Country Ski Marathon in Northwest Wisconsin. I felt better at … Read More

Back On the Ice (Video)

The National Hockey League (NHL) is not for the faint of heart. For Teppo Numminen, Buffalo Sabres assistant coach and former NHL player, paying attention to his heart made all the difference. As a young man, Numminen was told by physicians that his heart murmur was nothing to worry about. So he didn’t give it … Read More

Patient’s New High-Tech Run At Life (Video)

Life-changing accident When Tim O’Leary was 15 years old, he was in an accident with a train that required an amputation at his ankle. While Tim, who is now 33 years old, was grateful that his doctors in Pennsylvania preserved as much of his leg as possible, he had great discomfort at the bottom of … Read More

Robotic Bypass & Back to Life (Video)

Bouncing back from a major bypass surgery… It’s possible with the help of robots. Today’s advanced robotic bypass surgery techniques give doctors a better view of what’s inside thanks to 3-D imaging and magnification. And forget the “open” part of the heart surgery—these procedures use tiny incisions, so patients heal within weeks rather than months. Just … Read More

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A Racing Heart

Linda Shaw is an avid runner, and she always dresses in costume when she races so she can spark conversations to encourage others to seek trusted medical care. Here, she shares her story. I am the one at the road races dressed in costume. I travel the country to run 5Ks, 10Ks and half-marathons. And I … Read More

Flatline to Finish Line

In March 2010, Ellen Charnley underwent open-heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic to fix six holes in her heart from a severe congenital heart defect that went undetected until age 41. Eight months after surgery, she crossed the finish line in her first-ever Ironman triathalon. That’s 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking and a … Read More