Breast Cancer Survivor Treated for Heart Issue

Thirteen years ago, Kim Sander received her first breast cancer diagnosis. A decade later, she found out the cancer medication she was put on in 2008 was causing heart problems. “Patients’ hearts should be monitored by a cardiologist throughout their cancer treatment.” “I knew that the medication I was on could affect the heart, but … Read More

Matters of the Heart

Lee Hoaglan, from Seneca County in New York, was told that he was at the end of his life. After suffering from progressive heart failure, doctors advised him to check in to hospice as his fourth open-heart surgery was failing. He was told that he probably wouldn’t make it to Christmas. However, cardiothoracic surgeon Gosta Pettersson, MD, … Read More

Getting My Wings Back, Part II

For a pilot, there is no sweeter recovery than returning to the cockpit after being grounded with health issues. Scot Blesch continues his firsthand account on dealing with mitral valve regurgitation.  Cleveland Clinic’s website was our go-to site when my wife, Karen, and I were trying to get answers. Was there any way to avoid surgery? … Read More

Getting My Wings Back, Part I

Pilot Scot Blesch gives this firsthand account on dealing with mitral valve regurgitation and his journey to getting back in the cockpit.  Now I can fly again. I got my wings back. I’m back in the air after mitral valve repair and ablation surgery—and after 2¼ pounds of medical records were reviewed and approved by … Read More

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NBA Players Back in the Game After Open Heart Surgery (Video)

February is a good time to be thinking about your heart health. That is exactly what two Boston Celtics basketball players were doing around this time last year. It was then that Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox were suffering from the same life-threatening heart condition—a bulging aortic aneurysm. Both players had surgery to replace this … Read More

A Heart Full of Hope

Turned down by other doctors, and told he would not live to see Christmas, a New York man found hope at the Cleveland Clinic.  Lee Hoaglan from Seneca County underwent four open heart surgeries before coming to Cleveland Clinic. Hoaglan was suffering from progressive heart failure and was in hospice care as doctors in New York … Read More

Walking With Rowdy Hearts

They were the rowdy bunch in the transplant rehab unit of Cleveland Clinic, loud and laughing, working out together and growing a close friendship that has become contagious now that they’re home with new hearts. The nurses called Frank Bianchi, Holly Mulkerin and a few others, “The Rowdy Heart Waiters,” and the name stuck. Now … Read More

A Medical Mystery Abroad

A dream vacation in Jamaica in February turned nightmarish for Boston residents Sylvia and Mitchell Haber and their family when Sylvia fell seriously ill within a few days of arrival on the island. The couple suspected mild food poisoning but became alarmed as Sylvia’s health rapidly deteriorated. Medical treatments proved unsuccessful. Within a week, doctors … Read More

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I ‘Heart’ Running

Mike Nall suffered a heart attack 12 years ago, and after “graduating” from physical therapy and continuing regular workouts for three years, he convinced his Cleveland Clinic doctors that he was ready to run. Nall reached out and connected to others through a couple of online forums, including, where he began chatting with runner/heart … Read More

Post-Op Reflection: Grateful and Going Places

By following her gut instinct and placing her trust in the hands of Cleveland Clinic cardiovascular surgeon Marc Gillinov, MD, Susan Elliot lives a healthy, active life today. And, she’s grateful for it. One year after surgery, Susan reflects on her decision. Dr. Gillinov, Exactly one year ago, I flew to Cleveland from Nashville and … Read More