Heart Transplant Recipients Help Others on the Wait List

Holly Mulkerin and Frank Bianchi received heart transplants at Cleveland Clinic a day apart, and they met each other during recovery. During that time, Mulkerin hatched a plan to help others on the list cope with the wait. Now, the two run a volunteer program where they personally call people on Cleveland Clinic’s organ transplant … Read More

Back From the Brink. But Why?

Twenty-three-year-old Michael Crowe was circling the drain. He had toxic blood poisoning and an inflamed myocardium. His heart muscle was shutting down. His Omaha hospital put him on the transplant list. However, even when a heart was found, he was too sick to accept it. Then, all of a sudden Michael started getting better. His … Read More

Walking a New Path

“I feel like I got a second lease on life,” says Rita Ebert, 48, who three years ago was using a cane to walk short distances and felt such excruciating pain in her legs that she could barely walk. Trips to the mall with her daughter were no fun. “I would sit in the middle … Read More

Images of Healing

Louise Lindsay is a photographer and psychologist who shares a gallery of photographs (slide show) she took last year while her husband was having heart surgery at Cleveland Clinic. As an artist, Ms. Lindsay particularly noted the thoughtfully curated artworks that Cleveland Clinic displays throughout its locations. “I was very comforted, soothed and moved by … Read More

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Dealing with Another Diagnosis

Melanie Tredik has learned over the years how to live in spite of medical trauma.  In 1981, when Melanie was 14, her family doctor thought she had mono. A blood test and biopsy of the lymph nodes in her neck revealed cancer. The only thing she remembered were the words, Hodgkin’s disease. Melanie’s mom drove … Read More

Runners, Take HEART

Don’t tell Mike Nall he can’t go for a run. “When someone tells me I can’t do something, I want to prove them wrong,” says Nall, 61 from Mentor, Ohio. Nall suffered a heart attack 12 years ago, and after “graduating” from physical therapy and continuing regular workouts for three years, he convinced his doctors … Read More

A Runner With Heart

Last month, heart patient Brian Nash of Cincinnati was greeted with great fanfare at the Heart & Vascular Institute. It was a special Sunday. Brian was running in the annual Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon race less than two years after heart surgery to repair his aortic stenosis. (Aortic stenosis is abnormal narrowing of the aortic … Read More

Cleveland Clinic Patient Meme Goes Viral!

Rachel, the “Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl” first put her picture on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything  section while recovering from surgery at Cleveland Clinic. Someone copied Rachel’s picture, added the comment, “Lose 60% of your lung … capture 100% of my heart.” Now the 29-year-old Rachel is the latest internet sensation. Read more on ABC news.

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Former cancer patient conquers serious heart condition

A year ago, Barbara Hagan, an East Lansing, Mich. substitute teacher and then 47-year-old mother of three, sat in a hospital patient room while her doctor reviewed the results of her MRI. A breast cancer survivor, Hagan was having a follow-up breast exam and an MRI. It was a routine screening following the mastectomy she … Read More