One LVAD patient is paying it forward

Barbara Ann Colvin of Columbus, Ohio, calls herself the “LVAD Diva” and says she is on a journey to help the disadvantaged take charge of their lifestyle choices. In 2010 at the age of 55, Ms Colvin was given six months to a year to live. She had been in and out of hospitals for … Read More

Patient’s Tenacity Fuels Positive Recovery

You often hear of people physically training for a race, to make a team roster or to qualify for a tournament, but you rarely hear of someone training for heart surgery. But that’s exactly what John Carr, a 55-year old business owner and rugby player from Atlanta, Ga., did. He trained. He fought through increasing … Read More

Routine Tests Saved Her Life… Twice!

A year ago, Barbara Hagan, an East Lansing,Mich., substitute teacher and then 47-year-old mother of three, sat in an examination room while her doctor reviewed the results of her MRI. A breast cancer survivor, Hagan was having her second breast MRI reviewed as a routine screening following the mastectomy she had four years prior.  The … Read More

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Emergency heart transplant saves teen

Over the holidays, an Ohio teen experienced heart failure that led to an emergency heart transplant at Cleveland Clinic on New Year’s Eve. Twenty-four years earlier, the boy’s father had the same life-saving procedure. The Akron Beacon Journal newspaper ran a feature highlighting this gift of life and the extraordinary health experiences this family has … Read More

Back to Scuba Diving After Heart Surgery

I am always happy to share my great experience at the Cleveland Clinic with anyone who will listen. In fact, any time I hear of anyone in my circle of friends or family that’s having heart issues, I always urge them to have their Cardiologist refer them to the clinic. That’s what my Cardiologist , … Read More

From Pericarditis to Completing a Half Marathon

We asked Justin Mohler if he would allow us to post this letter of thanks to Dr. Klein. During our web chat in July, so many people asked about pericarditis, I am sure people would be happy to know Mr. Mohler completed a 1/2 marathon one year after beginning treatment. Thanks for sharing your story. … Read More

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Patient Told There Was “No Hope” Turns 90

Cleveland Clinic prides itself on having good outcomes with patients whom other medical centers might consider to sick or too old for certain procedures. Emma Neubauer is a perfect example.  She had a thoracic aneurysm a dangerous swelling of the portion of the aorta in her chest.  Her local hospital was discouraging. “The doctor said … Read More

From Failing Heart to Transplant: The Hartz of Shelly Artz

Sixty-nine year old Shelly Artz, MD, once said of transplant recipients, “Every one has a story.” But few have stories as good as Dr. Artz’ own “Tale of Three Hearts”. Scoot back to 2002. After several heart attacks, Dr. Artz’ heart was failing.   Only a heart transplant could save his life. Shelly Artz received a … Read More