Thyroid Cancer: Does It Run in the Family?

100 percent — that’s the survival rate for thyroid cancer if we can diagnose the disease early. That’s good news when you consider that thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer among men and second-fastest among women. Thanks to research, we know more than ever about this group of diseases. And thanks to improved genetic counseling … Read More

Personalized Healthcare is a Two-way Street

Here’s a pop quiz: When you receive recommendations from your doctor, do you: Follow them completely? Follow some recommendations and disregard others? Follow advice you find online instead? Your answer may vary depending on how you feel about your doctor. But for personalized healthcare — healthcare that is built around you — to be truly … Read More

Myth Busting: Genetics and Your Health

Last week, we explored the myth that personalized healthcare offers doctors a “crystal ball” to predict your future health. This week, I want to talk about another big myth about our field — the idea that you can’t improve your health because your genetics are predetermined. Myth: Personalized healthcare doesn’t work because I can’t change … Read More

Myth Busting: Can Doctors Predict the Future?

There are lots of myths and misconceptions surrounding personalized healthcare. Over the next few weeks, I am going to address some of these beliefs to help you better understand the truths about this exciting field. Myth: Personalized healthcare is a “crystal ball” into my future health Using personalized healthcare tools such as family history, doctors … Read More

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Healthcare Built Around You (and Me)

People forget that physicians are patients, too. We get sick. We need treatment. We visit our fellow doctors. In fact, physicians often are the worst patients. We don’t make time for our health needs — as I failed to do while suffering from sinus congestion and pain for several weeks recently. We think we already … Read More

A Personal Story of Personalized Cancer Care

We hear it all the time: “What does personalized healthcare mean for patients?” It’s a fair question, and a hard one to answer sometimes because our field is so new. But patient Dana Kachurchak of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, is living proof that this isn’t just about the future. Personalized healthcare is happening now. After Ms. … Read More

The Genetics of Cancer

By Brian Bolwell, MD What if you could take a pill twice a day to treat cancer instead of going through surgery or other difficult treatments? Sound far-fetched? It’s not, thanks to genetic research and personalized medicine. For decades, experts have been challenged to figure out how to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells … Read More