Movie Plans? 9 Hacks for Your Snacks

Eating at the movies can be hazardous for your health. “Movie theater sizes exceed recommended servings (by a lot!) and are typically full of sodium, sugar and fat,” says dietitian Laura Jeffers, MEd, RD, LD. A large buttered popcorn has 1,200 calories, extra salt, and saturated fat in the butter. A box of Snowcaps® has sugar plus saturated fat (in the chocolate). Your … Read More

How to Transform Your Takeout or Frozen Dinner

The best way to enjoy healthy dinners all week is to plan and shop a week in advance. Then you’ve got all the ingredients you need to cook when crunched for time. But if you need to rely on convenience foods, here’s how to make some popular options healthier: Other tips for enjoying nutritious meals on … Read More

Why Your Mother Was Right About Vegetables (Infographic)

Turns out, your mother had it right. You should eat more vegetables. Upping your intake is a smart way to begin when you want the right mix of protein, carbs and fats on your dinner plate. People tend to under-eat these cruciferous crunchies, roots, sprouts and leafy lovelies without truly realizing their benefits. Vegetables have … Read More

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