Are You Potty Training Too Soon?

The pressure to potty train can be intense. Your child’s day care or preschool has set a deadline. You want to keep up with others in playgroup. And, honestly, you can’t wait to ditch that diaper bag. But don’t let external factors like these push you, says pediatric urologist Jeffrey Donohoe, MD. “So many parents … Read More

What to Do When Your Potty-trained Child Suddenly Isn’t

So, you thought your child was potty trained. While you may feel disappointed or even frustrated, it is very common for children to go back to having accidents — temporarily. Having intermittent accidents (for example, wetting themselves a few times one week but not the next) is not potty training regression, however. If your 3-year-old … Read More

How to Help Your Child Stop Wetting the Bed

You’re frustrated. You’re exhausted. Your child is already in school – and he is still wetting the bed at night. You’ve tried limiting liquids after dinner. You’ve woken your child up in the middle of the night and asked him to empty his bladder. Still, no luck. You are not alone. Parents often worry about … Read More

How Often Should Your Child Go Potty? (Video)

I tell parents that bathroom frequency for children varies, just like for grown-ups. A few things to know when potty training: Well-hydrated kids may have to urinate every three hours or so during the day, and less frequently as the day goes on. It’s normal for your child to have one bowel movement once a … Read More

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Get Your Child Used to Using the Potty (Video)

Parents ask me how to get their children used to the idea of going to the potty. There are a few steps I tell them to follow: Set a routine setting them on the potty without using it, so it becomes normal Let them watch you in the bathroom so they can imitate you Pay … Read More

Step-by-Step With Potty Training (Video)

When can you expect certain milestones during potty training? Here’s a quick guide I give parents. Children will learn to urinate on the toilet first, but they still need diapers in between bathroom trips. Bowel movements are scary and sometimes associated with pain. It may take longer for kids to become comfortable having regular bowel … Read More

The Ground Rules for Potty Training (Video)

I emphasize to parents that there really is more than one right way to potty train. Potty training is scary for most kids, but it will happen. Three things to remember: Keep your child’s distinct personality in mind Allow room for trial and error Don’t get frustrated by mistakes (they’re bound to happen)

Is Your Child Ready to Potty Train? (Video)

Your child will exhibit several traits when they’re ready for potty training. Watch for the following signs — they may appear around age 2:  Increased confidence Better muscle control Enhanced coordination Imitating family members Expanded verbal skills When your child begins to demonstrate these traits, it is a good time to start the potty training … Read More

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When Not to Potty Train Your Toddler (Video)

I let parents know that there are several times in life when it may not be appropriate to begin potty training. Potty training adds stress, so circumstances like these aren’t ideal: Major family changes, such as a move, divorce, new baby or a sibling leaving the household A change in daycare facilities Returning from a … Read More