‘Full Term’ Pregnancy: Newly Defined

This isn’t your grandmother’s full-term pregnancy. Doctors used to define 37 to 42 weeks as the time span of a full-term pregnancy. Now, a U.S. OB/GYN group is dividing that range into different classifications after learning about critical differences in the final weeks of gestation. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the … Read More

Fewer C-Sections: Good News for Moms

Some expectant moms dread the idea of a cesarean section, while other women find the idea appealing. They may hope to avoid the pain of labor, cut short an uncomfortable pregnancy or ensure delivery at a time that’s convenient for them and their doctors. Wives’ tales are also circulating. People may believe, despite a lack … Read More

Past Your Baby’s Due Date?

Many moms-to-be have something in common with the Duchess of Cambridge and her wait for the arrival of the royal baby. Their babies’ due dates come and go and … nothing happens. Going past due date ‘very natural’ That’s completely normal, says OB/GYN Rebecca Starck, MD of Cleveland Clinic’s OB/GYN & Women’s Health Institute. “I … Read More

5 Myths About Prenatal Screening

Pregnancy often comes with mixed emotions. For every moment of anticipation, there may be a moment of anxiety. For some women, anxiety rises with prenatal genetic screenings — tests that can help identify genetic abnormalities before a baby’s birth. Rocio Moran, MD, a clinical geneticist in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare, understands those … Read More

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What’s It Like to Get an IUD?

First of all, congratulations for choosing the birth control method with the lowest failure rate! And if you are having an IUD placed for period-control reasons, good for you, too. I think you’re going to love it. Getting started When I place an IUD for one of my patients, it usually takes less than five … Read More