Finding Out Your Baby’s Sex Has Its Advantages

Grandparents want to know. Aunts-to-be usually ask. The question is: Do you want to know your baby’s sex before it’s born? Some women like finding out. Others want to be surprised. Parents’ choice “It’s a personal choice,” says OB/GYN Rebecca Starck, MD, Department Chair, Regional Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cleveland Clinic. “At 18 to 20 … Read More

Noninvasive Prenatal Tests Analyze Your Baby’s Risks

For some women, getting pregnant is the easy part of their journey to parenthood. Instead of facing fertility issues, they worry about the potential health risks their unborn baby faces. The older you are, the more apprehensive you may be. Statistically, your baby’s chances of having Down syndrome or other birth defects increase as your … Read More

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