Snow Shoveling—A Real Risk for Heart Attack

Each year, shoveling snow sends more than 11,000 people to the hospital. While most have orthopedic injuries, 7 percent have cardiac problems, and many of these are heart attacks. Doctors advise against shoveling if you are older, have heart disease or think you might. “Shoveling snow is hard work,” says Cleveland Clinic cardiovascular surgeon A. … Read More

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Women Often Do Worse Than Men Following a Heart Attack

Women fare worse than men after a heart attack, with longer hospital stays and a greater likelihood of dying in the hospital afterward, a recent study says. The good news is that the death rates for women after a heart attack are declining significantly. The study, by researchers at Yale University, analyzed the largest hospital … Read More

Alcohol May Cause You to Develop Irregular Heartbeat

Even in moderation, alcohol may be hard on your heart. A new study finds that having as little as one to three alcoholic drinks each day may increase your risk for atrial fibrillation (Afib). The most common abnormal heart rhythm, Afib causes symptoms including lack of energy, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and chest pain. … Read More

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How to Measure Your Heart Surgery Risk (Video)

In today’s healthcare environment, we hear a lot about risk factors. Here at Cleveland Clinic, we want all our patients—and you—to clearly understand the risk factors for heart disease. We know that the more risk factors you have, the more likely it is that you’ll develop heart disease. Because there’s so much you can do … Read More