House Fires: Why There is Fatal Danger Beyond the Flames

There are more than 1 million house fires in the United States each year and more than 3,000 people will die each year as a result of fires. But the cause of death in a fire usually is not from being burned — more often than not, deaths in house fires are a result of smoke inhalation.

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How You Can Stay Safe While Cleaning Your Yard and Home

Cleanup in the yard and the home is a necessary evil this time of the year. But if you’re not careful, you could end up nursing a serious injury. Among the most-frequently seen injuries in the emergency department are those resulting from falls and eye injuries, says emergency department physician Thomas Waters, MD. Serious falls tend to happen when … Read More

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9 Tips for Safe Outdoor Workouts

Exercising outside can be more stimulating than being in a gym, but it does require more preparation and, in some cases, caution. Find 9 tips for moving your workout outside, including safety precautions: 1. Dress for the weather If it is hot and humid, wear lighter-colored clothes with less weight and moisture-wicking ability. This keeps you cooler. If … Read More