Why Sex Is Good for Your Health, Especially Your Heart

Sex offers more than a feeling of intimacy or pleasure — it also offers incredible health benefits. Besides the emotional aspects and feelings of well being, it can be good for your heart, relieve pain and help you sleep restfully. It also can ease headaches, despite common beliefs to the contrary. How sex helps your … Read More

5 Common Questions About Sex and Your Heart

Patients often ask me: Is sex good for your heart? The question seems simple. The answer is complicated, in part because of the limits of what research can tell us. But we do have a strong sense that sex fits in with a heart-healthy lifestyle. Below are answers to five common questions. 1. Is sex … Read More

Is more sex better for men’s hearts?

Doctors agree that sexual activity is not dangerous for the heart. Some even take it a step further, suggesting that frequent sex can even prevent the development of heart disease in the first place. Too good to be true? Researchers in the Massachusetts Male Aging Study found that sexual function was correlated with risk of … Read More