Recipe: Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Tofu

Roasted sweet potatoes are a classic dish to bring to your table for any gathering. The colors are warm and gorgeous and it makes a nice impression. Put a healthier spin on it by adding tofu!

Recipe: Old-Fashioned Coleslaw

If you’re looking for a versatile side, try our Old-Fashioned Coleslaw from our wellness team. It’s great alongside fish, grilled chops or even in wraps!

A bowl of old fashioned cole slaw
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Recipe: Broccoli and Bean Salad

This broccoli and bean salad has everything: crunch, nutrition, fresh herbs and spice! Serve it alongside your favorite protein or as a fueling afternoon snack!

recipe broccoli bean salad

Recipe: Sicilian Cauliflower

Get ready for roasted cauliflower like you’ve never had it before! This version from our wellness team is bursting with the Mediterranean flavors of Sicily.

Sicilian Cauliflower ready to eat
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Recipe: Roasted Root Vegetables

Mastering the art of roasting root veggies is easy. It’s a great way to have a nutritious staple side dish you can return to all fall and winter-long!

Roasted root vegetables in a white bowl