Recipe: Sicilian Cauliflower

Get ready for roasted cauliflower like you’ve never had it before! This version from our wellness team is bursting with the flavors of Sicily.

Recipe: Sauteed Swiss Chard With Slivered Almonds

Getting more greens into your diet isn’t terribly hard. This Sauteed Swiss Chard With Slivered Almonds from Functional Medicine Director Mark Hyman, MD, is a great side that’s on the table in just about 20 minutes!

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Recipe: Wilted Swiss Chard and Butternut Squash

Tired of the same old sides sitting on your plate next to that chicken or fish? Why not try our Wilted Swiss Chard and Butternut Squash from our wellness experts? It’s easy way to get more greens into your diet!

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Recipe: Grilled Southwestern Slaw

Never tried coleslaw — grilled? We didn’t think so. Give our wellness dietitians’ version a shot! It’s filled with not only your traditional cabbage, but adds corn and poblano and red bell peppers in the flavorful, smoky mix.

Recipe: Roasted Beets With Oranges

Roasted beets are easy to fix and great to have on hand in your fridge. Slice them for your salad. Or feature them in a side dish, embellished with a few simple ingredients, as this recipe does.