Up at 3 a.m.? Here Are Possible Reasons Why

From bathroom breaks to racing thoughts, waking up at 3 a.m. can stem from a lot of things. While it’s usually harmless, consistent late-night awakenings may be a sign of something more serious.

The Health Benefits of Walking

We do it every day, after all. Learn how walking can benefit your health by improving your heart, helping you lose weight and reducing your stress.

Person enjoying a walk with thier dog while looking at their phone.

How To Stop Your Mind From Racing and Get To Sleep

Does it feel like whenever you close your eyes to get some sleep, there’s a movie playing on repeat in your head without your permission? Racing thoughts are a common issue many people have. Learn how you can tame your mind for better sleep.

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9 Benefits of Hiking

Ready to hit the trails? Hiking is a great form of exercise and can also boost your mood, improve your sleep and reduce your risk of heart disease. Our expert outlines the many benefits of hiking, and offers tips for getting the most out of your trek.

Father and daughter hiking in the forest early in the morning.

What Are Night Terrors? And What To Do About Them

Ever woken up to your child yelling and staring blankly, not really awake? Chances are, that’s a night terror. Learn how night terrors differ from nightmares, and how you can help your child get a good night’s sleep.

child frightened in bed with night terrors
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What To Expect From a Sleep Study

Having trouble sleeping? A sleep study can help doctors figure out if something serious is going on with your health. A sleep medicine specialist shares what to expect.

Woman sleeping in bed at night while sleep study is performed.