5 Tips To Help You Snack Healthier at Work

Eating healthy doesn’t apply solely to what you consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is, unless the only time you eat is at mealtimes. Most of us, however, like to have a couple of snacks during the day. The right snacks can help us to focus mentally by taking the edge off our hunger and can provide … Read More

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Recipe: Chewy Cinnamon Apple Chips

These apple chips are a healthy alternative to potato chips. Use them to create a colorful food gift or snack for a packed lunch. Another benefit: They make your house smell wonderful as they bake.

5 Tips for Healthy, Kid-friendly Snacks

Children need the right fuel to do the good things in life: running, jumping and moving. Amy Jamieson-Petonic, Registered Dietitian, Cleveland Clinic Wellness, offers five tips to healthy kid-friendly snacking. They’ll keep kids’ motors running on the good stuff. [tn3 origin=”album” ids=”468″ transitions=”default” responsive=”1″]

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