Your Toddler May Be Getting Too Much Salt

Giving pre-packaged meals and snacks to your little kids is convenient. But did you know that most of them contain too much sodium? The American Heart Association says that nearly 75 percent of the snacks and meals marketed to toddlers (ages 1 to 3 years) are high in sodium. And their concern is that too … Read More

Childhood Obesity: Kids Crave Salt and Sugary Drinks (Video)

Sugary drinks are a hot topic right now in the fight against obesity — especially in New York City with its big-sugary-drink ban controversy. But as big a culprit as sugar may be, salt may play as important a role. A new Australian study finds children who eat more salty foods tend to drink more sugar-sweetened drinks. Deakin University researchers … Read More

Avoiding Salty Restaurant Food

Do you ever wonder why restaurant food sometimes tastes better than what you make at home? It may be the salt. Cleveland Clinic registered dietician, Denise Cole, says there are certain restaurant foods that tend to have more sodium than others. “Some red flags in restaurants for sodium would be things like soups. Restaurant soups … Read More