Youth Sports: Too Much, Too Soon? (Video)

As a doctor, I’m seeing a change in youth sports culture that concerns me: ever-younger kids in higher-level league sports. They come into my office complaining of pain. Of course, parents and coaches have the best intentions, often wanting to get kids started earlier to develop and grow as athletes. But with this trend, there … Read More

An iPad App for Concussions

This time of year, players suit up in pads and helmets and take to the football field for a game of big hits. Collisions are part of the sport’s appeal, but everyone from youth leagues to the NFL has expressed concern about the long-term damage of concussions. Biomedical engineer Jay L. Alberts, PhD, has created … Read More

Returning to Sports After Back Surgery

Contributor: Robert McLain, MD Contrary to what people fear, back surgery does not have to mean the end to a promising sports career. In fact, studies show that Olympic and professional level athletes have returned to their same level of competition following many common types of back surgery. The athlete’s level of competition, overall fitness, … Read More

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Daily Digest: “Smoke-free,” Contaminated Water and Youth Sports

From “Smoke Free” Colleges Public colleges in Ohio are asked to go totally smoke-fee. Toby Cosgrove, MD, and chief executive of Cleveland Clinic, comments on the resolution. Dr. Cosgrove, who gained national attention when he announced in 2007 that Cleveland Clinic, which already was smoke-free, would no longer hire anyone who uses tobacco, said … Read More