Stay Healthy as a Senior Athlete

Aging affects multiple organ systems, from the heart and lungs to your bones and metabolism. Of all the changes, musculoskeletal issues have the most impact on the aging senior’s sport. These changes include: An overall decrease in muscle and bone mass Stiffening of muscles Weakening of tendons and cartilage The good news is that staying … Read More

Concussion? Know When to Return to School

After suffering from a concussion, many young athletes are eager to know: “When can I get back on the field or court?” But their return to school – often taken for granted – is only the first step to getting back to everyday life. For a child or a teen with a concussion, healing enough … Read More

Concussion? Why You Need to Take It Slow

For young athletes who suffer concussions, a slow and closely monitored approach to returning to sports is the best way to avoid further injury, says physician Anne Rex, DO, who specializes in sports and exercise medicine. ‘Students first, athletes second’ “The ability to return to the gym or to a sport relies on patients being … Read More

Children and Growth Plates Injuries (Video)

In so many ways, children are more flexible than adults – and this includes their bones. Because their bones haven’t fully hardened and are still growing, children are vulnerable to a unique injury called a growth plate fracture. Growth plates are areas of developing cartilage tissue near the ends of long bones, and these are … Read More

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Kids and Sports: Throwing Injuries (Video)

“The kid’s got a good arm” — we’ve all heard that expression. More and more children are in throwing sports, including baseball, and we’ve got take care of all those good arms, shoulders and elbows. As I see more throwing injuries, here’s the advice I give to parents and coaches: 1. Recognize the injury. When … Read More

Youth Sports: Too Much, Too Soon? (Video)

As a doctor, I’m seeing a change in youth sports culture that concerns me: ever-younger kids in higher-level league sports. They come into my office complaining of pain. Of course, parents and coaches have the best intentions, often wanting to get kids started earlier to develop and grow as athletes. But with this trend, there … Read More

Youth Sports Safety

A recent survey found nine out of 10 parents underestimate the time kids should take off from playing any one sport during the year. The rest is needed to prevent overuse injuries, overtraining and burnout. Laura Goldberg, MD, a sports health physician at the Cleveland Clinic Sports Health Center, says parents need to pay attention … Read More

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