Busting 4 Myths About Stem Cell Research

Remember stem cell research? In the mid-2000s, it became one of the biggest hot-button topics in medical research. The debate has grown quieter since then. But don’t mistake silence for a lack of activity. Stem cell research is alive, well and as full of possibilities as ever. Below are a few common myths about this … Read More

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Cardiac Stem Cells May Treat Heart Failure

A procedure that surgically isolates stem cells from a patient’s own heart and later infuses them back in higher numbers may someday hold promise in treating heart failure caused by scarring from previous heart attacks. While it is too soon to know if this treatment will become a reality, a small study presented at the American Heart Association’s … Read More

Multiple Sclerosis: Hope on the Horizon

For people living with the debilitating disease multiple sclerosis (MS), what if hope came from within their own bodies? According to new research, it might. Adult stem cells from patients could one day relieve symptoms and repair damage caused by MS. Jeffrey Cohen, MD, Director of Experimental Therapeutics at Cleveland Clinic’s Mellen Center, is the … Read More