How to Help Your Body Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

Time changes in the fall and spring inevitably alter people’s schedules. Gaining or losing an hour of sleep, though, may leave you groggy and irritable. About 20 percent of Americans report they get less than six hours of sleep according to the National Sleep Foundation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider insufficient sleep … Read More

Test Your Barbecue IQ

Spring brings the start of barbecue season, but your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthy all year long. Must you politely decline that cookout invitation?

Allergies? Why You Might Develop Asthma This Spring

Allergists predict seeing a number of new asthma cases this spring. That’s because of the link between allergies and asthma. Allergies are a common trigger for asthma. This past winter was unusually wet, which means  a brief, intense pollen release this spring – and a bad allergy season. Whenever the pollen count goes up, so … Read More

Spring Allergies: 8 Top Ways to Help Your Child

Is your child suddenly sneezy? Cleveland Clinic Children’s pediatric allergist Brian Schroer, MD, provides a tutorial on spring allergies in kids. Lesson #1: Know your opponent  Is that “achoo” seasonal allergies or a cold? Sneezing, nose and throat itchiness, and eye itchiness plus redness usually signal allergies. Like a cold, allergies produce nasal drainage, but it looks clear and … Read More

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How to Ease Your Heart Into Spring

Spring has finally arrived. Start now to prepare your heart for milder temperatures. If you’ve spent the winter months hibernating, there’s no need to rush back outside and overdo it in the yard, says cardiologist Richard Krasuski, MD. “There are a lot of folks who spend their winters doing very little. They may spend their time … Read More

Allergy Drops and Young Kids: Dangerous Combo

With allergy season in full swing, many of us keep eye drops and nasal sprays close at hand — in the car, in our purses and by the nightstand — to treat our itchy eyes and stuffy noses. Medications can result in death if ingested But most of these allergy drops and sprays are not … Read More

How to Childproof Your Garage

‘Tis the season to clean out the garage. Not the most joyous of tidings, but it’s got to be done. While you’re at it, it’s also an opportunity to make sure the space is safe for your kids or any others who may be visiting. Key to securing your garage’s hazardous material Pediatrician Kim Giuliano, … Read More

Kids and Adults: Survive Spring Allergy Season

We all love to see trees, grasses and flowers start to flourish in spring. But that beauty can mean the beginning of months of misery for allergy sufferers, grown-ups and kids alike. If you have allergies, your body releases histamine when you inhale plant pollens. This triggers the sneezes, runny noses and itchy eyes of … Read More

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