Dynamic Stretching: 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Contributor: Carol Ferkovic Mack, DPT, SCS, CSCS Dynamic stretching has gained in popularity.  As a type of stretching based on movement, it’s a great way to warm up before exercise or sports. While most popular with sprinters and soccer players, dynamic stretches are ideal for any exercise that uses explosive moments, such as basketball, volleyball and tennis. These stretches focus on actively … Read More

Try These 4 Dynamic Exercise Warm-Ups (Video)

Doing a functional warm-up instead of static stretching before exercise offers various benefits, says Daniel Hass, DPT, SCS. The movements increase body temperature, heart rate and blood flow. Hass says he recommends these movements as being more beneficial and effective than static stretches. In this video, Hass will demonstrate how to do these warm-ups, which are … Read More

Do You Have a Stiff Neck? Try These Simple Remedies

With so many of us gazing into computers or staring down at our smart phones most of the day, it’s no wonder data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 20 percent of us have experienced neck pain within the past three months. A stiff neck typically is the result of muscles weakening over … Read More

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Keeping Your Limbs Limber Helps Keep MS Symptoms at Bay

When a doctor suggests exercising to maintain strength and flexibility, some patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) may think, “Why should I bother?” But a regular exercise program, tailored to the individual’s physical condition and symptoms, can make a huge difference for those with MS, says neurologist Mary Rensel, MD. Physical or occupational therapists can put together specific programs … Read More

Yoga for Upper Body Tension (Video)

We spend a lot of our time hunched over a computer, our desks and even over the steering wheel of our cars. This can cause tight, sore muscles that lead to tension headaches and neck pain. According to Judi Bar, Yoga Program Manager at Cleveland Clinic, these poses help release tension, open the chest for … Read More

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Yoga for Heel Pain: Plantar Fasciitis (Video)

Contributor: Judi Bar, Yoga Program Manager Can’t wait to head off to your vacation in the Rockies and try out those new hiking boots? The day is beautiful, the weather’s great and you feel lucky to be alive. That is, until the next morning, when you feel a stabbing pain in your heel. This pain, … Read More

What Healthy Habit Requires 2 Minutes, 1 Chair?

It only takes two minutes and a chair to do something positive for your health. Experts say two minutes of chair yoga — including stretching and breathing several times a day — can increase your fitness and focus. Combined with deep breathing, the movements can really help loosen your muscles and clear your mind. Over … Read More