4 Best Tips for Using Fitness-tracking Devices

If you keep one step ahead of the newest gadgets, you’re probably among the 21 percent of Americans using technology to track your health. The latest tools are wearable fitness tracking devices. There are tools that track the number of steps you take in a day, the calories you have burned and your sleep quality … Read More

Don’t Let ‘Text Neck’ Get the Best of You (Video)

Click, swipe, pinch, expand. With smartphones and tablets, we find the information we want in a flash. But what happens to our bodies when we constantly look down at mobile devices? Our neck muscles become unbalanced, says Cleveland Clinic chiropractor Andrew Bang, DC, of the Center for Integrative Medicine. This can lead to poor posture, neck … Read More

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Can Kids Become ‘Addicted’ to iPads?

It’s the kind of sensational story that was destined to go viral. In April, London’s Telegraph newspaper reported that a British four-year-old who spends four hours a day on an iPad® has become so “addicted” that her parents send her to therapy. The story prompted worldwide shares, tweets and blogs, as serious questions about young … Read More

5 Free Fitness Apps: An Expert’s Take

A good exercise plan can help you lose weight — along with a healthy diet. But a good exercise plan also requires motivation, inspiration and a healthy dose of tracking. Some people hire a personal trainer to help, but not everyone has the time or budget for that. A quick look in Apple’s or Android’s … Read More

6 Ways to Outsmart Smartphone Stress

Your smartphone belches email alerts, and you reply — even if you’re sitting on a beach or riding up a ski lift. You take work home from the office on your tablet or phone. You share your life minute by minute on Facebook and Twitter. Where is the “off” button? “These devices are spinning into … Read More

Picturing Brain Cancer in Real Time

They might look a bit like a Jackson Pollock painting — but these images may have the power to save lives. Researchers are using novel imaging techniques that produce high-resolution 3-D pictures of blood vessels in the brain to observe cancer cells in action. Jeremy Rich, MD, MHS, and Justin Lathia, PhD, of Cleveland Clinic’s … Read More

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Surgery for the Most Challenging Brain Tumors (Video)

Because of a new laser technology, Cleveland Clinic’s doctors can offer hope to patients with tumors that were once inoperable. Gene Barnett, MD, director of the Burkhardt Brain Tumor Center at Cleveland Clinic, explains how the AutoLITT system destroys some of the most challenging, hard-to-reach tumors. AutoLITT uses new technology to target, heat and eradicate … Read More

3-D Printer Makes Medical Models (Video)

Forget documents, spreadsheets and photographs. The 3-D printer at Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute can print a model of a human heart. “You can think of it a lot like an inkjet printer at home, just with an added dimension,” says Ryan Klatte, a senior research engineer. But when Klatte explains exactly what the printer … Read More