Handheld Skin Scanner for Melanoma (Video)

Cases of melanoma, the least common but most lethal form of skin cancer, have been on the rise for at least 30 years. The good news: If caught early, the survival rate is 99 percent. Now doctors have a new FDA-approved handheld device that helps them scan the skin for dangerous lesions. Using imaging technology … Read More

Laser Surgery for Cataracts (Video)

Consider this: 75 percent of Americans over age 60 will show signs of cataracts, a common eye ailment that dulls vision. That’s why cataract surgery is the most commonly performed procedure in the country. It’s about to get better, too, because of the femtosecond laser technology, already in use for the popular LASIK eye surgery. … Read More

More Lungs for Life-saving Transplants (Video)

Life-saving lung transplants are limited by a shortage of donor lungs. Around 85 percent of lungs are accepted for transplant after a donor’s death because of complications and injuries. That’s troubling news for the 100,000 Americans waiting on the lung transplant standby list. But fortunately, the situation is about to change. Experts believe as many … Read More

Treating Aortic Aneurysms: A New System (Video)

More than 15,000 people die because of aortic aneurysms every year. Sadly, most of these deaths could be avoided with proper monitoring and timely treatment. Timely treatment can be tricky, though. A high number of cases — 20  to 40 percent — are so complex that common treatments such as grafts don’t work. That’s about … Read More

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3-D Mammograms Detect More Cancer (Video)

Breast cancer deaths have declined by almost 20 percent over the past decade. Better screening has made a huge difference. Today’s mammograms allow doctors to “see” an abnormal breast mass up to two years before they can feel it. It’s the gold standard for detecting breast cancer — but even a gold standard can get … Read More

Money for Healthy Choices? (Video)

What if people were rewarded for healthy habits — with money? That’s the idea behind the bipartisan Medicare Better Health Rewards Program Act of 2012, presented to Congress as a way to improve healthcare and control costs. The three-year program uses the annual wellness visits Medicare already subsidizes to measure improvements in six key areas: … Read More