Motion Sickness: Best Fixes if Traveling Makes You Ill

Traveling to new places can be fun – until a bumpy car ride or turbulent flight makes you feel sick. Motion sickness is a common disturbance of the balance system, which includes but is not limited to the inner ear. “Motion sickness is the nausea, sweating and dizziness some people experience when the balance system … Read More

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Best Ways to Prevent Your Allergies on Vacation

For many of us, the best time of year to take a vacation is also the best time to catch a big whiff of pollen and get sidelined with a super-sized sneezing fit.  If you or a family member has allergies, whether seasonal, animal, dust or food-related, it’s a good idea to work them into … Read More

‘Snowbirds’: Coordinate Medical Care Before Traveling

If you follow the example of the birds, and fly south for the winter, it’s critical that you coordinate your medical care – especially cancer treatment. “For cancer patients, coordination of care for the time away is a process that should begin before you travel,” says Steven Roshon, MD, Department Chair for Hematology and Medical … Read More

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12 Tips for Traveling With Children

Over the highway and through the state, to Grandmother’s house we go. Sounds like an idyllic family jaunt, right? Increase your odds of making it there with your sanity intact with these travel tips. Don’t wait until the last minute With all of the season’s hustle and bustle, you might be tempted to ditch preparation … Read More

Staying Healthy on a Plane

We all know someone who flew home from vacation with an unexpected souvenir: a cold or virus. It may seem like flying can make you sick, but that’s not necessarily true. “It’s better to be guided by data than to rely on hearsay,” advises Cleveland Clinic infectious disease specialist Steven D. Mawhorter, MD, Medical Director … Read More