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How a Magnetic System Eases the Need for Scoliosis Surgery

Stanley Wesemeyer, age 6, may not understand how the magnetic rod in his back treats his scoliosis. But he was definitely looking forward to attending Cub Scout camp for the first time ever this summer — instead of having surgery. Wesemeyer had early-onset scoliosis, which left him with a severe curve in his spine by … Read More

Drug Shows Promise in Slowing Effects of Alzheimer’s

One of the most distressing aspects of Alzheimer’s disease is that there is no cure – current treatments focus only on alleviating symptoms. But a new drug is showing promise as an effective treatment that slows down the disease’s debilitating effects on the mind and body. Results of a pair of clinical trials released today show that … Read More

Why Smart Health Decisions Require Your Input

You make important life decisions using the best information available. When you search for a job, you ask, “Is this a good fit for me?” You shop around for the house that best suits your needs. You read reviews and consumer research when buying a car. So when you make the most important decisions of … Read More

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