Tumors Are Unique — Treatments Should Be, Too

By Brian Bolwell, MD Like the people they affect, each and every tumor is unique. Because of this, a “one size fits all” approach to cancer treatment does not work, especially in the most challenging cases. But cancer treatment is changing. Understanding each tumor’s unique composition is leading to treatments based on each individual’s needs. … Read More

Surgery for the Most Challenging Brain Tumors (Video)

Because of a new laser technology, Cleveland Clinic’s doctors can offer hope to patients with tumors that were once inoperable. Gene Barnett, MD, director of the Burkhardt Brain Tumor Center at Cleveland Clinic, explains how the AutoLITT system destroys some of the most challenging, hard-to-reach tumors. AutoLITT uses new technology to target, heat and eradicate … Read More

Treating Cancer With Compassion

By Brian Bolwell, MD During my 24 years as an oncologist for Cleveland Clinic, I have witnessed the evolution of the Taussig Cancer Institute. I’ve watched our clinical and support services grow and improve. I’ve seen our physicians and scientists participate in groundbreaking research that will forever change the way we diagnose and treat cancer. … Read More