New Balloon Battles PAD

PAD (peripheral arterial disease) is the “most dangerous disease you never heard about.” The good news about PAD is that there are some effective interventions. The bad news is that these interventions don’t last as long as doctors and patients wish they would. But research at Cleveland Clinic is providing a glimmer of hope. PAD … Read More

The Need to Learn More About PAD

We had a lot of comments in response to our story on peripheral artery disease, “The Most Dangerous Disease You’ve Never Heard About.” According to the American Heart Association, “Awareness of peripheral artery disease is low among those at greatest risk for developing the condition. Only 26 percent of adults age 50 and older are … Read More

Researching a New Treatment for ED

In response to the many questions from our article, “Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Cardiovascular Problems,” Dr. Shishehbor provided additional information on current treatment and research. One common cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) is reduced blood supply to the penis during arousal due to blockages caused by fatty material accumulated along the artery walls. The current therapy … Read More

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Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Cardiovascular Problems

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not the inevitable result of aging.  Yet mild, moderate or severe ED strikes more than 50 percent of American men between the ages of 40 and 70. So if getting old is not the “cause” of ED, what is? Erectile dysfunction may be caused by numerous diseases and conditions including vascular disease, nerve disease (such … Read More

Drug-eluting Stent Performs Well for Diabetics

When it comes to vascular disease, patients with diabetes fare worse than patients without diabetes in most measures. That’s why Sean Lyden, MD, a vascular surgeon in the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute told MedPage Today that it was an “exciting finding” that a new drug-eluting stent performed well in both diabetic and non-diabetic … Read More

No patient is too sick, no patient is too far

Cleveland Clinic likes to say that “no patient is too sick, no patient is too far.”  Daniel Clair, MD, chairman of Vascular Surgery in the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute, proved the truth of that claim again last week, when he flew 6,000 miles to operate on a patient who’d once been turned away … Read More