2 Breakfast Foods With Too Many Calories (Infographic)

When it comes to breakfast, some foods have earned a bad rep. We all know a candy-sprinkled, chocolate-dipped doughnut doesn’t exactly count as a healthy breakfast. But some other foods can fool you. They sound super-healthy, like granola or a whole-wheat bagel, and they do offer nutritional value. But they also come with a lot … Read More

6 Easy Ways to Avoid Weight Gain (Infographic)

From stocking your refrigerator to preparing meals, it’s easy to fall into habits that unknowingly lead to weight gain. These unconscious habits can also stymie any attempts to maintain a healthy weight. Learn cooking tips that will minimize excess calories. Discover why sitting down to eat matters. Find out what you can do to avoid … Read More

Your NFL Team’s Loss Can Go Right to Your Gut

Rooting for the wrong football team may make you do bad things. A recent study by the INSEAD Business School, published in Psychological Science, found people living in cities whose NFL team loses on Sunday tend to eat more calories and fatty foods on the following Monday. Joseph Rock, PsyD, did not take part in … Read More

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Tips to Avoid the ‘Freshman 15’ (Video)

Freshman year at college is a notoriously easy time to gain weight. The syndrome is so common there’s even a name for it: the “Freshman 15” (extra pounds, that is).­ I’m not sure where they came up with that number, but it’s true that you can add significant weight during your first year at school … Read More

Busting 5 Myths About Pregnancy and Weight

If you are pregnant, you will hear plenty of old wives’ tales, from ways to determine a baby’s sex to tricks for inducing labor. But be especially wary of myths and misinformation about weight gain and pregnancy. Why? Because maintaining a healthy weight is important for reducing health risks such as gestational diabetes, blood pressure … Read More

Talking to Teens About Steroid Use

Most teens are smart enough to avoid anabolic steroids — synthetic hormones that add muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. But some student athletes may be tempted to use them – in pill form or injectable form using a needle – to gain strength and bulk up, without understanding the dangers. How common is steroid use … Read More