Heavy Periods? You’ve Got New Options (Video)

Women whose heavy periods interfere with work, social activities or exercise need to see a doctor. If no serious problem is found, new treatments can drastically reduce bleeding and make life much easier. Hysterectomy is not the only solution. Depending on what is causing the issue, your doctor might recommend tranexamic acid, an over-the-counter remedy, … Read More

9 Ways to Prevent Disease

Health. It’s the way to enjoy your life. Our experts offer nine ways to take care of yourself and partner up with your doctor. Eat like a champion For good health, avoid saturated fats, cholesterol, refined carbs and sugars and trans fats. These foods can cause chronic inflammation — a normal bodily process gone awry … Read More

5 Myths About Prenatal Screening

Pregnancy often comes with mixed emotions. For every moment of anticipation, there may be a moment of anxiety. For some women, anxiety rises with prenatal genetic screenings — tests that can help identify genetic abnormalities before a baby’s birth. Rocio Moran, MD, a clinical geneticist in Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Personalized Genetic Healthcare, understands those … Read More

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A Vaccine for Breast Cancer

Contributor: Vincent Tuohy, PhD Vaccines are the most powerful intervention in medical history. Consider polio, which was virtually eradicated from the United States within a 20-year period. Our country’s childhood vaccine program is effective at targeting 16 different pathogens, including measles and chickenpox. But the immunization schedule stops at age 13. The next planned vaccination, … Read More

Why New Mothers Should Embrace Breastfeeding

The American Academy Of Pediatrics is reaffirming its recommendation of exclusively breast-feeding for about the first six months of a baby’s life, and beyond. They cite a growing list of health benefits as the basis of the recommendation. Coe Bell did not help put the guidelines together but is a lactation consultant at Cleveland Clinic. … Read More

When To Be Screened for Cervical Cancer

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force and the American Cancer Society recently released new guidelines on cervical cancer screenings. The most surprising thing that came from the change? It is now suggested that women under 21 shouldn’t be tested. Elisa Ross, MD, gynecologist at Cleveland Clinic, says this is because of the test’s parameters, which … Read More