The Top 5 Beating Edge Stories of 2012

A cooking oil primer and a guide to the top heart medications topped the list

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The Beating Edge covered 100s of stories in 2012 from patient stories to new advances in treatments. But what were the top viewed stories by our readers?

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cooking oils1.Easy Guide to Heart-Healthy Cooking Oils

Confused about which oils are heart-healthy and which aren’t?
Keep this guide from our registered dietitian as a ready reference in the kitchen

The Big 6 Heart Medications2. The Big 6 Heart Medications

As a heart patient you can expect to be taking at least one, if not more, of these life saving medications.
Learn how to use them safely, even when taking more than one

Flight for Life: New Year, New Heart Episode 13. Flight for Life: New Year, New Heart Episode 1 (Video)

On Christmas Eve 2011 Porter Lyons was rushed to Cleveland Clinic because his heart was unexpectedly failing. Doctors quickly determined that he needed a new heart. 
Follow his story from the beginning

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Common Vitamin Supplements: Good or Bad for Your Heart?4. Common Vitamin Supplements: Good or Bad for Your Heart?

Calcium and vitamin D are two of the most popular dietary supplements, but recent studies show some unexpected results.
Read about the surprising findings

The Varying Signs of a Heart Attack5. The Varying Signs of a Heart Attack

Nearly one million Americans suffer a heart attack each year, with heart disease being the leading cause of death in both men and women. Learning the signs of a heart attack is important in seeking help quickly and avoiding permanent heart damage.
Read about the diverse heart attack symptoms

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