The Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal Makeover

How to make your Holiday table healthful and delicious

Who doesn’t love a great makeover story? Maybe you’re enthralled by the ability of HGTV’s hosts to magically transform a home from designer dud to stellar showcase, or perhaps you can’t tear yourself away when TLC’s Stacy London and Clinton Kelly ambush unsuspecting people to fix their fashion disasters and teach them “What Not to Wear.”

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Unfortunately, if there were such a thing as a “What Not to Eat” program that examined how healthful our Thanksgiving meals are, most Americans’ holiday menus wouldn’t pass muster.

The good news is that a healthy—and positively delicious—holiday meal is well within your reach. Our Ultimate Thanksgiving Meal Makeover is your roadmap to a healthier Thanksgiving, with updated classic recipes that include “before and after” substitutions that no one will even notice, plus soon-to-be-new-favorites like minted fruit kabobs, cran-apple pear relish and pumpkin pie pudding.

Benefits of our Thanksgiving Meal Makeover

  • Calories in our revamped dishes are reduced by one-third compared with traditional versions
  • The fat content for our heart-healthy menu comes in at a toast-worthy 11 percent of the original

Now that’s a meal that could even withstand Stacy and Clinton’s famous “360-degree mirror” that exposes every flaw!

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Once you’ve made these tweaks and healthful substitutions to your Thanksgiving menu, you can raise your glass to a healthy year ahead, confident that you’re off to a great running start. (Speaking of running—or walking or tag football—a little exercise before or after dinner is always a good idea, too!).

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