Top 3 Catalyst eNews Stories of 2012

Heart-wise food and traveling yoga among most popular

numbers one, two, and three

The most-read stories from the online newsletter Catalyst eNews for 2012 include the best in heart-healthy eating, lowering your risks for dementia and how yoga on route can help ease those post-travel stiffness and soreness:

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  • 15 Heart-healthy Hints

  • Did you know that a handful of almonds and walnuts is great for you, and that Popeye was right on about spinach? Jumpstart a healthy cardiovascular lifestyle with these food tips. Cleveland Clinic dietitian Julie Zumpano weighs in with some unexpected recommendations for delicious and nutritious meals.

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  • It’s More Than Genetic: How You Can Lower Your Risk for Dementia

  • It’s often assumed that if a parent has a genetic brain disorder, the children also will. In most cases, though, the major risk factor is older age. And new research offers hope that lifestyle changes can significantly reduce those risks. Dr. Stephen Rao, PhD, discusses the latest developments.

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  • Yoga and Travel: Smart Strategies to Avoid Aches and Pains

  • Stiff, sore muscles on arrival after hours in a cramped airplane or car seat? During your travels, try doing neck and shoulder rolls, or practicing deep breathing to increase oxygenation. Follow these and other simple stretches and relaxation techniques to stay comfortable while in transit.

    Read the 9 ways you can stay limber on your next trip.

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