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Recipe Adventure: Holiday Desserts

Everywhere you turn this holiday season, there’s another tempting treat to try. But you can still eat healthy while indulging in sweets with these dessert recipes that feature smart ingredient swaps.

Basket of holiday desserts.

Recipe: Meatless Black Bean Chili

This vegetarian chili recipe features black beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, bell peppers and a combination of spices that lend a savory, smoky, satisfying kick.

Closeup of meatless black bean chili in a stoneware bowl, with avocado and lemon garnish.
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Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Chili

All chili doesn’t have to be the beef-heavy type. Our buffalo chicken chili is healthy, simple and very well could become your new go-to recipe.

Chicken chili in a white bowl on a natural wood surface.