How To Quit Vaping

Like smoking cigarettes, vaping nicotine products is addictive and dangerous. You deserve full credit for your desire to quit! And here’s how you can do it.

Young couple vaping at restaurant table outside.
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How To Quit Smoking: 7 Ways to Kick the Habit

Ready to quit smoking? While it can be tough to kick the habit, nicotine replacement therapy, relaxation techniques and having a support system are just a few of the ways you can successfully quit.

A person wearing a nicotine patch as a reminder for why they're quitting smoking.
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How Wildfire Smoke Impacts Your Health

Wildfire smoke is full of toxins that can affect your health. Air pollutant exposure increases the likelihood you can develop infection from COVID-19 and other respiratory conditions. Find out how to protect yourself from a pulmonologist.

large cloud of smoke rising above the top of a forest