How To Heal From Trauma

Trauma can stem from many different experiences. And even though your brain holds onto it, there are ways to heal from emotional trauma.

Person with head in hands dealing with trauma.

What Is Conscious Parenting?

Parenting takes a lot of work, but we often forget how to reevaluate the kind of parents we are — and the kind of parents we want to become. A psychologist helps explain the importance of conscious parenting and why it matters.

Parent and daughter sit on couch in home and discuss daily challenges.
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What Is Cognitive Dissonance?

If you’ve ever made a decision despite the fact it goes against your values and beliefs, and you then felt stress, regret or turmoil, you’ve experienced cognitive dissonance. Learn how to cope with those difficult moments and how to better manage your response.

Person questioning beliefs with question marks flying around their head.
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5 Tips for Surviving the Holiday Party Season

We all want to have a good time during the holiday season, but sometimes, even the pressure to “have fun” can cause stress. If you’re someone who’s dreading the avalanche of holiday party invites and the anxiety that comes with them, here’s how you can cope.

Host of a holiday party putting food down at a table with people.

Winter Blues Got You Down? Here’s How To Cope

If the cold, dark days of winter have you down, you’re not alone — many people experience winter blues. But you can beat the winter blues with exercise, light therapy and more, and learn how to distinguish between when it’s winter doldrums or depressive disorder.

Family working out inside the house while it's snowing outside.