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How Social Media Can Harm Your Body Image

In a world of social media, it’s normal to feel self-conscious about a picture of yourself now and then. But when that self-criticism goes too far, it can have unhealthy expectations and consequences. A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon explains how selfies and filters have created a culture of insecurity and comparison — and how to take a step back.

Person using social media with photos, videos, chat and texting with others.

Yes, You Can Get SAD in the Summer

Wondering why you feel a little off in the summer? It could be a sign of seasonal affective disorder during the warm months. Here’s how to identify your symptoms and tips on how to work through them.

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6 Ways To Push Through Analysis Paralysis

Do you constantly feel like not being able to make decisions is your downfall? You’re not the only one — analysis paralysis is a common symptom of anxiety, depression and ADHD, but there are ways you can overcome it and move forward.

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