How To Clean Your Toothbrush

You might have seen experts recommend all sorts of ways to clean your toothbrush. However, the best solution is actually quite simple. Here’s how to keep your toothbrush in tip-top shape.

A person in a bathrobe running water over their toothbrush in a sink

Why Your Gums Bleed When Flossing

Seeing pink in the sink after flossing? Learn from a periodontist why you might be seeing a little blood, when it’s important to see your healthcare provider and how to floss properly.

Person removes dental floss from container while standing over a bathroom sink
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How To Get Rid of Thrush: 8 Remedies

What’s that white stuff on your tongue? It could be thrush, a fungal infection that tends to go away on its own. These home remedies can help relieve your symptoms in the meantime.

Thrush on tongue in man's mouth
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