Is Your Teen Depressed or Just Moody?

Teen depression often goes undiagnosed because parents have trouble distinguishing normal teenage moodiness from more serious problems. Our experts discuss depression in teens and what you as a parent or caregiver can do.

Parent annoyed with angsty teenager.
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Are Video Games Good for You and Your Brain?

How much play time is too much? Video game addiction is a concern for many parents, but video games can have positive effects on your brain, too. A pediatric behavioral health specialist discusses the pros and cons of gaming.

Game controll in foreground with video gamer playing on computer in the background.

Well-Check Schedule for Children

Following a well-check schedule for your child is important to stay up to date on vaccines and track developmental milestones. Here’s what they’ll receive when.

Small child receiving vaccine at doctor's office
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Is Your Child Afraid of the Dark?

When little imaginations start running wild at bedtime, it can make for a fearful situation for kids (and a long night for you). Learn how to banish the monster under the bed and get your child back to sleep.

Sleepless child scared of the dark.