The Truth About Honey, Pickle Juice and Other Kitchen Cures

Can pickle juice cure hangovers? Does honey heal wounds?

How well do old remedies involving food or herbs stand up today? Research reveals that some are surprisingly effective, says family medicine physician Michael Rabovsky, MD. For others, the jury’s still out:

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The Surprising Truth About 13 Kitchen Remedies (Infographic)

The Surprising Truth About 13 Kitchen Remedies (Infographic)

Your Pantry as Your Medicine Cabinet

  1. Apple cider vinegar & honey as a therapy for sore throats
    Honey helps with healing after tonsillectomy. But there’s not enough data on vinegar.
  2. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast as a cure for diarrhea
    Doctors routinely recommend these binding foods, called the BRAT diet, for diarrhea.
  3. Chicken soup for colds and flu.
    Carnosine, a compound in chicken soup, seems to help prevent colds and flu.
  4. Coconut oil as a balm for dry skin
    There’s not enough data yet.
  5. Cranberry juice as a cure for urinary tract infections
    Studies suggest cranberry juice (and powder) reduce recurrent UTIs.
  6. Cucumber slices as an astringent for puffy eyes
    There’s not enough data yet.
  7. Ginger ale as a solution for stomachache
    Ginger relieves nausea from chemotherapy. More research is needed to see its effect on other conditions.
  8. Honey as a salve for wounds
    Doctors are studying this bacteria-fighter for pressure ulcer care
  9. Peppermint tea as a remedy for nausea
    Peppermint oil relaxes the digestive tract and relieves nausea after surgery.
  10. Pickle juice as a cure for hangovers
    There’s not enough data yet. But pickle juice can’t replace electrolytes well enough to stop exercise cramps.
  11. Prunes as a remedy for constipation
    Studies show that prunes get you moving better than psyllium fiber supplements.
  12. Sea salt as a soak for rough elbows
    In psoriasis, salt water, combined with UV radiation, relieves inflamed skin.
  13. Turmeric as a pain reliever for arthritis
    Studies suggest turmeric may relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Most kitchen remedies are pretty harmless. It usually can’t hurt to try them. But whenever symptoms persist, be sure to seek help from your doctor.

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